At #GlammDry

we believe that everyday is a glamm day! We are a team of leading trendsetters in every way. Our mission is for our adored clientele to be glammed out beautifully, that they want to hashtag about it. We bring an ultimate level of luxury, consistency, energetic fun, while performing the latest styles.
Getting glamourous is easier than ever rather it’s just that you want to feel good for the day or you have a special event you want to stand out at —. We go above-and-beyond to ensure that every visit is consistently exceptional..
Come and you’ll be greeted with a smile & beverage of your choice. We love social media! That’s why each of our glamm stations have personal iPads to enjoy.Check out the latest red-carpet hair trends, relax and just enjoy. Get on your social media and hashtag our salon via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, we appreciate it and we will thank you at checkout with a special discount. Whatever you choose throughout your entire GlammDry experience we are here for you!
After a quick consult with your stylist, you’ll be escorted back to our Glampoo Lounge with our luxury private shampoo bowls with shiatsu massage chairs, then you’ll get all lathered up,and hand selected a treatment of your choice which we offer for an additional cost but will leave your hair healthy and shiny. This treatment can be done every time your come or when you know your hair is calling for it. After your amazing relaxing experience at our glampoo lounge, it’s time for your ultimate blow dry, braid or updo whichever your heart desires.
Who says getting glamorous and living the glamorous life has to break the bank – or
take all day?